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June 8. 2010










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Richard Stopa, Principal of Bay Business Advisors, LLC,  is pleased to share the news of the recent merger of Bay Business Advisors (Bay Business Brokers) with Calder Associates (NJ and PA). 

Richard Stopa will continue to serve the Washington DC Metro area, bringing his Merger and Acquisition experience to clients in the technology sector and other selected industries.

In addition, with the excellent and deep resources of Calder Associates, Richard Stopa will be able to provide companies in the IT industry throughout the United States with quality merger, acquisition and exit planning services.

Calder Associates' clients will also benefit as they pursue their expansion or exit strategies. 


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Small Business Brokerage Services

Your Trusted Source

When Selling or Buying a Small Business

Whether you are considering buying your first business

or selling one that you have owned for many years,

Calder Associates/Bay Business Brokers understands your desire to have a fair, equitable purchase or sale and, above all,

a smooth transaction.



Buying a Small Business

If you are buying a business, Calder Associates/Bay Business Brokers can provide the professional assistance necessary for a smooth and successful transaction. Every buyer has very different objectives and search criteria. Yet all of them seek acquisition opportunities that achieve a true fit with their goals.

Selling a Small Business

If you are selling a business, Calder Associates/Bay Business Brokers can multiply your audience of potential buyers and increase your chances for a quick sale while receiving a good financial return.
We specialize in developing exit strategies for business owners.





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